Tuesday, July 31, 2007

They want me to go to rehab I say no no no

Man what os with the really wierd ass songs on the radio lately. In the title of this post is one of the only lyrics from some wierd song about some chick who doesn't want to go to rehab despite everyone she knows alledgedly wanting her to. It's odd, she sounds like a heavyset black woman from the 30s but apparently she's..well...pink..except not pink. Like we needed another one of her anyways.

Jesus H waffles! On comedy network now they have segments, full commercials, of parts of some new web show. 'Owl and the man' or something like that. Now the original commercial for it was the 'man' (again alledgedly) ranting about how he wanted them (CN) to make a show about an owl and a man, well apparently they went ahead and did it. fortunately it's on the web exclusively. Unfortunately they have these 2 minute commercials showing the show in all it's fat guy singing poorly glorly-er glory. I mean seriously "Owwwwwwwwl and a maaaaaaaaaan it's about an owwwwwwwwwwllll and a maaaaaaaaann... you caaaaaaaaaan't sleeeeeeeeeeep and I can't siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" URgggh! thank god he's not on my radio in the morning.

Reminds me of this time I woke up to steven tyler singing one song... I forget what it's called but it's the one that goes "crrrrrrrrryyyyyyying when I met you now I'm dddddddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyinnnnnn to forget you". A million decibles at 6 in the morning. yeah, thats an instant headache. and it lasts.

ever notice how much maroon 5 sucks?

Man I found out recently that not only is tony jay awesome, a featured voice in a fantastic game "the bard's tale" (ps2/Xbox/pc), the voice of mutherfucking megabyte in reboot, but he's also the driving reason behind why Reboot will never have anymore new episodes (barring a remake) He's dead! recently. I don't mean like..he's been dead for a while and acting from beyond the grave, which pirates and lumberjacks and emperors alike would have deemed as awesome.
Cary Elwes is also the main character in bards tale. Now that is soemthing else. especially sicne when he dies he sometimes will say "Inconcievable" before croaking. Fans of Princess Bride unite!

I've gotten back into watching strangers with candy, if you've never seen it I very highly recommend it.


10. Amy sedaris/ Paul Dinello/ Greg Hollimon

9. Stephen Colbert

8.Stephen Colbert

7.Stephen Colbert

6.Stephen Colbert

5.Stephen Colbert

4.Stephen Colbert

3.Stephen Colbert

2.Stephen Colbert

1. I'll hurt you.


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