Thursday, October 19, 2006

A: part 1-A (section 1-A)

Now that his Wayneliness, the Emperor has put our dear friend Clyde on Notice, that leaves only two more bloggers; myself and James; who have not be notice'd.

Now a while back folks I promised you an onionmax issue of summertime proportions. Well long story short I didn't dat dangly didly do it. Y? Y Knot.

Well truth be told I did mean to get around to it for a while... then I kinda forgot about it.. But here's the good news, chum-peens, I havent decided NOT to do it! Yes that's right, the fifth issue of the ever growing onionmax collection will be arriving on your computer screen just in time for my NEXT POST I promise, pinky swear, blood brother, Ugandan head explode, swear!

Moving on..

I was debating whether or not I should make my own on notice board to counter the ones that Wayne and Clyde have made but then I thought it'd look stupid if we all did one. But I do have something else in store... Introducing Nagykin Skywalker's Called Out!

You've been getting a free ride for too long, Ed O'Neil!

Favourite recent thing I've said that I actually remember: "They conflict so much that it made some kid in Uganda's head explode"

Edit: Hilarious


Blogger Emperor Wayne said...

Oh my jesus bot. That is awesome to the maxors

9:00 PM  

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